Love is …

Temi, Published.

Hey y’all! It’s almost 3 am and being a nocturnal and creative my mind works best at this time. I was just falling asleep when the idea for this post came in. I resisted the urge to be lazy and … here we are!

Read and be blessed *giggle*


Love is the steady rise of your chest as my head rests in the all too familiar crook of your neck.

Love is endless conversation, all day everyday, about the same thing.

Love is watching your soccer games, though we both know I hate sports.

Love is singing to MC Hammer on the drive home from work.

Love is wishing you were here.

Love is believing as much in me, as I do in you.

Love is ending a misunderstanding with “I miss you.”

Love is the gap in your teeth, the crease of your smile, your soft, safe hug, it’s…

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