The Hollow Way

Jingling rhythm awakens me within your walls
Heart skips,misses and falls.
Each bar echoes voices of ages past and present
Each note scribbled and scratched off layers meted
A conglomerate of persons,
Dome of orderly chaos
Sanctity of senility
Narrowed to a four-legged iron slab
To run to, to cry to, to talk to
Time slows its race to find you
It paces back and forth to taunt you
Then it just stands in your face till you break
Till you account every second staked at every wake
Recounting every wake to Time.
Buried in your hollowness,
I saw the Light
I shared the Light
Dreams ‘n’ shallow visions almost became reality
But you spewed me out
As Appointed at Time of 3
Your jaws opened and I was blinded by the worlds rays
I wasn’t me walking towards home
I was hollowed and filled at the same time
Purged but belly-filled with stories of
Hopes, pains, deceit, death, joys, laughter, births, betrayal, self-pity, indulgence, regrets, resignation, bravery, murders, rape, patriotism, family, marriage, passion, sex, war, slavery, cowardice, bullying, loneliness, separation,
Of everything under the sun.
Now Time is racing again and I am forgetting
How stewed i was in your deep
How Hallowed was your hollowness
Jiggling jiggling all the way
to unfade memories


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