I gave two pains:
One to myself and the other to them

I gave three pities:
One to myself, one to them and the third to the critics

I gave four grieves:
None to myself; one to them; one to the critics;
One to the believers; and the last to ‘who cares

I gave five shames:
To me,
To them,
To time,
To toil,
And to tomorrow

It’s really hard—no one understands
Another failure,
The thousandth “No”,
And it goes on and on

So, I am cutting out

Save the pains,
The pities,
The grieves,
And the shames

Forget about Love,
About Joy,
About Life
About Hope

This Time, it’s out!

To those who loved me;
To the critics who needed me;
To the believers who waited on me;
To those who hardly cared;
If only you didn’t have to toil that much!
Pardon me: I wasted your time

I can’t wait for tomorrow
No, sorry: I won’t wait for tomorrow
So I am cutting out—forever

You needn’t worry anymore
I am taking them all with me
Yes, they are right here in my hands
I am sure I packed them all
Or did I leave them behind?
I couldn’t have!

That was why I timed out in the first place

You don’t believe I am a coward
Or selfish
Or hopeless
Or faithless

Do you?

Believe me: I wanted to take them all with me,
but I ended up leaving them behind


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