my editor

So I met this soft spoken and amiable young man precisely 1month and 10days ago in Abeokuta. Amidst the chaos activities going on everyday, I became aware of this man. He came and went but somehow was always around to encourage, to assist, to push… So when he reached within to draw out from my deep, I felt purged. He reminded me of someone I once hoped to find, that friend I wrote about a long time ago. So I dedicate this first post on my first blog to my friend ‘Ake’.

I have been reading and writing;not books,not journals but ME. You see, what we are can be as a result of life’s literature but what we can be most certainly depends on our level of AUTHORSHIP(permit my grammar). There is someone out there who God has appointed as Editor,He or She must possess the ability to: Trust and Respect You. 

Though you Author YOU,you also know that when the story does or does not make sense,when you lose your PLOT,when the SCENE goes on and on and you dont know how to end it to start another one.Your Editor is there, does not condemn you or replace you. He or She takes your hand,take you to that place where you can be your silly,stupid,insecure,sometimes derailed self and draws out the perfect ending to that scene,recreate the plot,find the right language;your best. 

Come to think of it,your Editor first sees your manuscript,raw,unrefined,messy,coffe or tea stained(even soup sef),but he/she sees beyond those pages,he/she sees your STORY. 

He/she helps you to tell it better,so the world can applaud. Not You,but you and your Editor.


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